The Real Magic of Malbay

Stephanie Holsman Photography

Malbay Magic

How do you plan a once-in-a-lifetime event that truly feels as magical as a vacation with your favorite people? This is where Malbay Estate, nestled in the breathtaking beauty just outside of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, saves the day.

Imagine crafting an entire mini-vacation around your special date and inviting your loved ones to do the same. Malbay Estate provides the canvas for a wedding weekend filled with multiday activities and pre-wedding events, creating an experience that’s just as fantastic for local guests as it is for those traveling from out of state. Say goodbye to the stress and financial burden often associated with destination weddings.


Inspired by nature

Our 80-acre estate, perfectly situated on the pristine Bass Lake, offers endless opportunities for relaxation and adventure. Picture kayaking, canoeing, or leisurely pontoon boat rides on the tranquil waters.


Modern Farmhouse Accomodations

As for accommodations, our updated modern farmhouse is the heart of the estate, providing a cozy and convenient stay for the majority of your close family and friends. 

With a Malbay Estate staycation wedding, you can expect:

  • Less Travel Time & Fees: Say goodbye to the hassles of long-distance travel.
  • More Time With You: Enjoy quality time with your guests over a more extended period.
  • Less Stress, More Fun: Embrace the relief from wedding planning stress and the joy of having extra time to connect with your loved ones. 
  • Extended Wedding Weekend Venue Minnesota At Malbay Estate, we redefine the traditional wedding timeline with our exclusive Extended Wedding Weekend Venue in Minnesota. Nestled on 80 acres of breathtaking Minnesota countryside by a pristine lake, Malbay Estate offers couples the unique opportunity to extend their wedding celebrations beyond a single day. This approach not only allows for a more relaxed and intimate gathering but also gives families and friends the time to create deeper connections and cherished memories. By choosing Malbay Estate, you’re not just booking a venue; you’re securing a whole weekend to celebrate your union in the serene grandeur of northern Minnesota.